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​Ronni founded and ran Investment Systems Company, Inc. for 30 years from 1984 to 2014. Throughout its tenure, she has worked with a diverse roster of clients and systems, largely in the investment sector, delivering customized design, programming and on-going support. She has enabled companies to replace manual or outdated procedures with the best possible systems, allowing them to spend less time on internal processes and more time growing their businesses.


Ronni has touched many aspects of the investment world including portfolio and shareholder accounting, and bonds payable systems. Having developed multiple products, she is effective at leveraging this hands-on experience in consulting to diverse industries. With tremendous insight and acumen, Ronni can understand the specifics of a company and then determine how best to resolve the issues and pain points. Examples include integrating a third party performance measurement software into an existing portfolio system, and creating client statement packages with configurable reports. These enhancements provide better information that is more readily accessible, with smoother processes throughout.

Ronni has currently been expanding her client list and working with different Non Profits organizations. Knowing how systems work, she has been able to help with issues such as measuring outcomes to understand results of studies as well as converting older systems to more efficient and effective software.


In addition to her work, Ronni spends time as a Vice President of Suburban Temple Kol-Ami and is a volunteer at The Gathering Place, a cancer support center, as well as for several schools with which she has been involved. She also holds the honorary title of “tech support” for many friends and family.


​Ronni Bialosky has proven to be a highly successful business system technology strategist. Invariably calm, cool and collected under pressure, she has a firm grasp of the complexities facing today’s businesses, and brings both big picture thinking and on-the-ground experience for the best solutions available. A deep technical background allows her to understand business systems and how they can be customized and configured for streamlined workflow. In addition, she relates well with users and knows how best to communicate with them. The result: two distinct environments become seamless. System Synergy Consulting provides the perfect platform for addressing issues facing Wealth Management firms today.

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