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Ronni Bialosky has provided our company with valuable and innovative software solutions for more than 20 years.  We came to her with no more than a blurred vision of our development needs and she turned them into a functioning reality.  Her folks are highly competent, easy to work with and have always delivered the desired results - oftentimes beyond our expectations.  They have a good understanding of our business and are a most valued partner in our success

William A. Oates, JR


Northeast Investment Mangagement, Inc

Northeast Investors Growth Fund


I have worked with Ronni at Investment Systems Company since 1996.  She has provided customer service and response that is the best in the business.  When we need additional programs or changes, she takes time to listen, is very perceptive, and understands quickly what our requests are and how to create a solution.  I highly recommend her to fill your consulting and programming needs.

Dave Thackeray

Vice President, Financial Analysis

Utah Housing Corporation





"Northeast Investors Trust relied on ISC for programming and systems support for over two decades.  ISC provided a one-stop source for the programming, development, and support of our portfolio and transfer agent applications.  ISC enhanced efficiencies by providing automated processes which enabled us to streamline back office processes.  ISC also provided system enhancements and functionality that kept pace with the ever changing financial services regulatory landscape.  Over the years ISC provided exemplary service and demonstrated a true commitment to its clients."

Dave Randall

Vice President

Northeast Investors Trust Fund



“Ronni Bialosky is very knowledgeable and efficient with everything we have asked of her throughout our relationship of 10 plus years. Her work ethic and the pride she takes in her proprietary system assured us that we would always get Ronni’s best effort, and that her best effort was better than most. Her understanding of our business process was a major help in understanding our needs.”

Tim McBride

Director of Investments

The Cafaro Company


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