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Do any of these apply?

One of the key principals for non-profits is metrics. Are you able to show outcomes of studies when you apply for grants? Do you need help generating spreadsheets to gather information and then analyzing the data appropriately?

Do you have one or more systems that are outdated? Can you enter or import your data directly into your database?

If you have these or similar concerns, does it make sense for us to talk? If so, call 440 247-2865 for a free consultation to  determine how to solve these problems.


Let us help you review your systems and determine if you are using best practices and getting the most out of your technology. This will allow you to concentrate on your most important function: Serving your client base.



System Synergy Consulting helps Non Profits determine outcomes, eliminate manual processes & utilize technology.


Need Help Selecting or Converting to a New System

Can't measure outcomes


Manual Entry of Registrations


Can't access pertinent information


Inadequate Work Flows

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