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Most likely there are data inputs to your system(s) which come from outside sources. If this information is not automatically flowing into your applications with the appropriate edits, then a huge opportunity exists to eliminate data problems, reduce time spent by your staff on data entry, and have access to valuable information faster. A typical example for the wealth management industry is how to process transactions from outside custodians as well as reconcile their positions. This is a prime example of how a data feed should occur on a scheduled process with only a need to check variances or editing issues each time it runs.


Similarly, Non Profits have areas that can benefit from interfacing systems. Can a registration form be updated online and then imported into the client database? If not, creating such an interface can save time and reduce errors dramatically. 


System Synergy will work with you and your outside provider(s) to provide the best way to automate the process. Note that “best” is determined as a combination of timeliness, ease of use, error free data, and cost effectiveness among other considerations. We have helped integrations with many different firms but remain independent so are able to work with any provider necessary.



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