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It’s quite unlikely that your business operates using just one software system. At the very least, there is typically some sort of CRM to track clients and prospects and some need to store documents. More likely, there are many other pieces such as general ledgers, accounting systems, billing systems, marketing products, etc. If an address is changed in one system, do you need to change it in several other systems or run the risk of having outdated information? Current systems typically have means of importing and exporting data using APIs or other automated processes. Older systems may need customization to accomplish that function.


System Synergy will review your software to determine where the integrations should occur and if there are existing features that can be enabled to accomplish the necessary updates. Otherwise, we will work with you to conclude if customization of the existing systems is feasible or if it is time to convert to a more robust product which can provide the necessary functions for your business needs.

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